Very useful list of adjectives

Have you noticed how often you use the word very in your speech? It’s easy, right? Very good, very old, very risky, very rude…

But if you want to expand your vocabulary, you should consider replacing these “very adjective” with some advanced words. Some are perhaps too advanced, but definitely read through the table to see what you can use. If nothing else, you’ll now know that feeble means very weak and jubilant means very happy. And that is very valuable, er, I mean, precious.




Filed under Advanced English (pokročilí), Vocabulary (slovíčka)

2 responses to “Very useful list of adjectives

  1. Great list of alternative adjectives. Except, be careful with the word “conservative”, which has different political meanings in the USA versus Europe.

  2. great list 🙂 But be careful with the word “conservative”, because it has a different political meaning in the USA, versus Europe

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