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Funny vocabulary error

“Use the word bank,” the instructions said. So Emma used the word bank.


OK, can you solve this correctly? This is elementary school, yet you can still run into problems. But at least you will know what the phrase word bank means.


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What are dogs and cats telling you?

This great infographic from PETA goes over the basic expressions, gestures and moods your dog or cat might be displaying. See some less known vocabulary below.

  • companion – společník
  • stiff – strnulý
  • wag a tail – vrtět ocasem
  • intimidating – děsivý, zastrašující
  • ruff – haf (sounds like rough – drsný)
  • bark – štěkat
  • sigh – povzdechnout
  • mixed messages – nejasné signály
  • tummy – bříško
  • chatter – brebentění, drkotání
  • yowl – skučet
  • puffed up – zježit

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How not to translate

Well, this is embarrassing (trapné) . And probably irreversible (nenapravitelné) since they need to get going as soon as possible…


There are many fails (selhání, trapas) like this one concerning translations or phone conversations.  My two favorite are these:

A cake ordered over the phone: “Please, write Welcome on it!”

“As you wish.”


This is a sign somewhere in Asia. The owner, not knowing English, used an online translation service. But they were out of luck that day…

You can find more funny translations at Engrish Funny.

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