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Small talk for an time of the year

Small talk is a polite conversation about nothing important or personal. Using small talk, we can show interest, bridge an awkward silence or start a conversation with a stranger. Beware – Czech and American small talks are quite different.

This picture guide makes fun of small talk, but provides some favorite topics and useful vocabulary you might want to learn.

The Small Talk Calendar


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Rocks in the Sky

After a meteorite hit Chelyabinsk in Russia last week, there has been a lot of confusion around those stones falling from space. Specifically, how do you call them? What are the differences? This is a great summary by narwhal creative.


  • Comet – a rock originally from the outside of our Solar system
  • Asteroid – a rock from the Solar system, can be bounced towards Earth
  • Meteoroid – a space rock smaller than an asteroid
  • Meteor – this is not a rock, but the streak of light caused by an asteroid burning in our atmosphere
  • Meteorite – this is an asteroid or meteoroid that actually hit the ground

So, to sum it up, an asteroid causes a meteor when it burns in the atmosphere, and if it doesn’t burn completely and strikes the ground, it becomes a meteorite.

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