Cut the line


You are probably familiar with the fact that cutting onions makes you cry (by the way, if you want to avoid it, try these simple tips). You might not be familiar with the figurative meaning of the word cut, though.

To cut in = To move into a line of people or things out of turn OR to interrupt.

To cut the line means basically the same. You can also “cut somebody in line”, meaning that you go ahead of them without their permission. So in the cartoon above, the carrot just cut the onion. See, funny 🙂

A couple of useful phrases to remember:

  • “Don’t cut the line.”  – Nepředbíhej ve frontě.
  • “Let’s cut the talks.” – Konec řečiček, k věci!
  • “He cut me right before it was my turn.” – Předběhl mě zrovna, když na mě přicházela řada.
  • “We had to cut our meeting short.” – Museli jsme naše setkání nenadále zkrátit.
  • “No shortcuts!” – Žádné zkratky, žádná zjednodušení.

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