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How big is the “specific ocean”

Well, this really made me laugh. Someone asked a question:


I like the answer a lot, it is funny while it points out the mistake. All there is left to do is to provide the exact answer. We can use Wolfram Alpha to find that the Pacific Ocean actually takes up whopping 30 % of Earth’s surface. Wow.


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Hot date

The joke on how to pick up chicks was one of the most popular articles on this blog, so I thought a similar joke would be a good way to re-start it again after two months of vacation.


You see, a date has two meanings:

  • date = rande, hot date = “žhavé, vášnivé rande”, date can even mean the person who is coming on the date with you (“My date is late, she will be here in few minutes.”)
  • date = datle

This homonymic joke is often overused in comedies or even conversations. You just need a bowl of dates and you can ask if somebody would like a date. Ha ha, funny stuff…

OK, what are some other meanings of the word date?

  • date = datum (What happened on this date two years ago?)
  • date = současnost (They are all up to date now.)
  • date = libovolné setkání (He has four signing dates this month.)

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