This is going to be a hit

Let’s have a look at few idioms involving the word hit:

  • hit a home run  – to succeed with something (We felt our band hit a home run that night – it was the best performance we ever gave.)
  • hit and miss – without plan or direction (There was no plan. It was just hit and miss.)
  • hit bottom – to reach the lowest or worst point (I knew I hit the rock bottom when I couldn’t even see my own toes.)
  • hit something off – to start something (She hit off the presentation with a joke.)
  • hit it off – to be going greatly (The two of them really hit it off, didn’t they?)
  • hit the brakes – to stop (The project was a disaster so we hit the brakes before losing too much money.)
  • hit the hay – go to sleep
  • hit the ground running – be prepared, start the day energetically
  • hit the books  – to study hard (I have a test tomorrow so I better go home and hit the books.)



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