Pick up

The phrasal verb to pick something/somebody up is quite often used. It has, at least, seven meanings, so be careful to understand what is being said.

But first, a little cute joke.


  1. You can pick up anything by lifting it off the ground. He found a phone. He picked it up and looked at it carefully.
  2. You can pick somebody up by offering them ride in your car. As soon as Jane arrived to the airport, John picked her up at the parking lot and brought her home.
  3. Pick up is also used in a metaphorical sense to describe the act of seducing somebody casually. As soon as Jane arrived to the airport, John picked her up at the bar and brought her home.
  4. You can pick up something when you buy or acquire something. I picked up the oranges on my way home.
  5. You can learn new knowledge by picking it upI picked up dozens of new words when in London.
  6. Pick up also means improve. His sales numbers picked up since the last year.
  7. You can pick up a previously interrupted activity. Let’s pick up the discussion where we left it before lunch. 

You can also pick up an illness, a language, a criminal, a room or a scent…

(So now you should probably understand the joke about “how to pick up chicks”. The word chick means both a baby chicken  and a girl. And pick up means both lift and seduce. While the question of how to pick up chicks is one of the most searched on-line (all though that is not how I found the image), the simple answer above is probably not what they were looking for Smile


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